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Broadband Mapping

What is the Georgia Broadband Map?

The Georgia Broadband Map project represents a location-level methodology that precisely maps the availability of broadband services to every home and business in the State, which includes all 159 counties.

The map is created by overlaying: (1) all the locations of homes and businesses in the State of Georgia, and (2) broadband provider service availability for those locations within the State. There are over 5 million locations used in the mapping process.

Broadband services are defined by the State as a minimum of 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up in speed. When 20% of homes and businesses in a census block cannot subscribe to these services, the entire census block is deemed unserved.

Why is the mapping important?

The Georgia Broadband Map precisely identifies homes and businesses that do not have access to broadband services. These insights allow us to better direct investment to reach unserved areas of the State. The map can be used by local communities and providers to assist with broadband planning efforts.

The Georgia Broadband Map also serves as a tool that can be continually updated in order to track changes in broadband availability for years to come.

When will the Georgia Broadband Map be completed?

The Georgia Broadband Map was published on June 15th, 2022.

The map can be accessed here:

A map showing the comparison of the FCC map to the Georgia Broadband Availability map can be accessed here: