The Broadband Center will be the ‘go to’ place for information, data, analysis and subject matter expert resources regarding broadband in Georgia; the supply and demand side. It is expected that the consumers of this information will include Georgia's economic developers, local and state government planners, private sector professionals, broadband providers, elected officials, the general public, and others.

The Broadband Center will serve portal to a variety of information including:

  • Broadband data clearinghouse and mapping layers on a statewide, regional, county, community and selected site basis.  

  • Broadband supply, demand and gap analysis. 

  • Broadband services availability at state, region, local and site basis.  

  • Broadband statistics and maps

The maps located at http://digital.georgia.gov/map/ are of broadband services available as of June 30, 2014 - including cable, DSL, fiber optic, fixed and mobile wireless services, and satellite coverage.

This map is the result of the former federal National Broadband Map program to collect, verify and map broadband availability information and was formerly updated every 6 months to improve accuracy and capture changes in service availability. The information on this map is also reflected in the FCC National Broadband Map. As of December 2014, the FCC now collects broadband data directly via the FCC Form 477 program.

In October of 2016, a survey was built to collect information from rural Georgia residents about their internet services. Initial data collected in this survey provided valuable information to the Joint High-Speed Broadband Communications Access for all Georgians Study Committee which will conclude their work in December 2016 with a final report and policy recommendations for consideration in the 2017 General Assembly. The results of the survey can be found on the Survey Visualizations page and the data that was collected can be downloaded from the Documents page of this website. 

The State Broadband Mapping Program makes no claims as to the completeness, accuracy or content of any data contained hereon, and makes no representation of any kind, including, but not limited to, the warranty of the accuracy or fitness for a particular use, nor are any such warranties to be implied or inferred with respect to the information or data furnished herein.