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Community Designation Decertification Information

A political subdivision that the department has certified as a broadband ready community under Code Section 50-40-41 may be decertified by the department if it:

1) Imposes an unreasonable or noncost based fee to review an application or issue a permit for a broadband network project. Any application fee that exceeds $100.00 shall be considered unreasonable unless such political subdivision can provide documentation justifying such fee based on a specific cost;

2) Imposes a moratorium of any kind on the approval of applications or issuance of permits for broadband network projects or on construction related to broadband network projects;

3) Discriminates among broadband services providers with respect to any action described in this article or otherwise related to a broadband network project, including granting access to public rights of way, infrastructure and poles, river and bridge crossings, or any other physical assets owned or controlled by such political subdivision;

4) As a condition for approving an application or issuing a permit for a broadband network project requires the applicant to:

        a) Provide any service or make available any part of the broadband network project to such political subdivision; or

        b) Except for reasonable and cost-based fees allowed, make any payment to or on behalf of such political subdivision.