Broadband Mapping

DCA in consultation with GTA and the University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute of Government (CVIOG) developed a mapping strategy and plan to accomplish the requirements of the ACE Act.  

The strategy has two phases for broadband data collection, analysis and mapping to meet ACE goals. Phase 1 maps are the results from the analysis of the FCC 477 data. DCA, GTA and CVIOG are implementing a Phase 2 mapping project to develop Enhanced mapping for address level accuracy.

The Phase 1 maps and resulting data show that there are 45,920 100% unserved census blocks in Georgia with 347,969 unserved locations. 

Phase 2 maps will address the ACE requirement for DCA to designate served or unserved census blocks based on ACE served/unserved criteria for the remaining 165,310 census blocks with 3,881,863 locations that are currently deemed ‘served’ by the FCC.  

The mapping team is developing a Georgia Master Address File (GMAF) by county for the address accuracy required from ACE to determine ‘unserved’ census blocks and locations with 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up or better broadband speed in Georgia. Using the county master address file the team is working with 44 retail broadband providers to determine broadband availability for each address.